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Mine Setup & Maintenance
Over the years, Coalfield Services has developed service contract relationships with many companies to perform mine maintenance. This work has included all types of construction and maintenance in and around preparation plants, sub-stations, de-watering sites and many other above ground applications as well as underground sites including bunker, ventilation, and elevator repairs.

Coalfield Services can handle on-site maintenance operations for most mining facilities. Whether it is repairing steel structures within a mine prep plant or assisting with a long-wall move during a scheduled shutdown, our personnel have the experience and resources to tackle a variety of maintenance work.

Aside from scheduled and emergency maintenance operations, we can contract for more complex and time consuming jobs during vacation or holiday periods or scheduled shutdown times. We offer our services for:
»  Decommissioning
»  Take-down work
»  Demolition
»  Sealing mine shafts and portals
»  Shut down work
»  Rope replacement
»  Bin liner/wear plate replacement
»  Ventilation fan work
»  Re-grouting
»  Extending belt lines
»  Changing motors
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